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The #LiminalLabyrinth is a game designed collaboratively on Twitter by a host of participants. It was conceived, hosted, and formatted by Sarah Rowan, @EchoingLaughter. Each card is credited on the bottom to its creator. Every card contains only the text that can fit within a single tweet. 

This game is marked "in development" due to its nature as a community project. New cards may be submitted at any time by notifying @EchoingLaughter and joining the thread. The game will update as new cards are added. 

Liminal Labyrinth is a game about escaping the odd space between spaces in which you find yourself. It is competitive for 2-5 players. There are two files, identical save inverted coloration for ink preservation or aesthetic, whichever you may prefer. I recommend printing single-sided and inserting into card sleeves after cutting. Besides these cards, you will need only a single coin.

Good luck. 

Credits, alphabetical: 

  • @BlazamoIntoWowee
  • @curubethion
  • @DorkNightShow
  • @earthtonickb
  • @EchoingLaughter
  • @Glistam
  • @greuh
  • @junkfood_games
  • @narshero
  • @SandroFreed
  • @WuDeRpg

(Cover image sourced from game-icons.net)


LiminalLabyrinth.pdf 87 kB
LiminalLabyrinth_Inverted.pdf 88 kB

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