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The Watching Book is an artifact left behind by the oracles of The Singing Plain. It is a testament to their culture, homeland, and history as written by generations of their beloved spiritualists. It is a gateway into a place that is long gone, accessible to us now only through games. 

This Zine is set in the world of the Soothsayer board game. Much like its predecessor, the contents of this campaign are penned to be diegetic (in-universe) artifacts of a world long gone. This means the Zine is written from the first-person perspective of a variety of characters rather than presented as a module or dissertation. Through this Zine, presented as a “restored” and “translated” version of the original tablets, readers will discover a more in-depth and personal look at a society that worships the Wind.

The Zine itself is accompanied by Truth-Tellers, a ruleset for a game children would play while living in The Singing Plain. If you are an adult, fear not; the game has been played many times with adults of varying maturity levels. It is exactly as complex or as simple as the players choose to make it for themselves.

This Zine (and accompanying small rpg) was originally funded as part of Kickstarter's ZineQuest. As such the content is carefully curated to provide useful prompts for Game Masters to run games in the setting.

A breakdown of the files included: 

  • The Watching Book.pdf: 36 pages of content including a deep-dive into their beliefs, information on the culture at large, surrounding worldbuilding, dangling mysteries, full-page illustrations, and helpful "author's note" boxes 
  • Truth-Tellers.pdf: 3 pages of quickly parseable rules for a lighthearted mystery-solving rpg
  • singing-plain-map.png: the full illustration by Ezra Rose, unbroken by page breaks

This zine is dedicated to my wife, Beckett Rowan, for whom the original Soothsayer is also dedicated. My heartfelt thanks to my parents and friends as well, as they supported this creation each in their own unique way. 

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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AuthorSarah Rowan
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, LGBT, zine
Average sessionA few seconds


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oh i'm a sucker for diegetic material; the woodcut art is gorgeous, and the premise is so interesting! i'd love to purchase a physical copy but i'm in canada... 

it says to contact you directly to know if shipping outside the states is possible but i'm not sure where, so i'm trying my luck here, i hope it's okay!

Thank you for your kind words! I have checked and shipping to Canada should be fine. It's a little expensive though; an extra $8 USD (about 10 Canadian Dollars). If you add that amount to the tip at checkout I will be able to send it to Canada for you! I understand if that's a bit steep but international shipping is rough right now. 

I'll also update with more specific contact steps, thanks for the catch! Commenting is always fine. :)

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I kinda figured, but that's actually better than I expected, haha. I'll take it! Thank you for the quick reply :)

edit: itch.io does not ask for my address, but I think you get my email with the order, so you can write me and I'll send you my info!


i havent yet investigated the rpg but i just wanted to say that i ADORED the zine!!! it's one of the most creative and engaging fantasy worlds that i have ever read about, and the voices of the characters were so distinct and memorable. i wish i could have been friends with chill. she seems cool


Thank you for saying so! Chill's sense of humor was ahead of her time.